10 Ways to Maximise the Value of Microsoft Business Central

Published: 5th June 2024

Are you looking to unlock the full potential of Microsoft Business Central? This comprehensive guide will walk you through 10 essential steps to maximise the value of this powerful business management solution. From automating workflows to leveraging the cloud, each step is designed to help you optimise efficiency, enhance productivity, and drive growth for your business.

1. Automated Workflows

In the UK, businesses shed an estimated £98.6 billion annually due to human error, according to a study by the IT Governance Institute. Streamline your operations by automating repetitive tasks and processes. Business Central offers robust workflow capabilities that allow you to automate everything from order processing to invoice generation, freeing up valuable time and resources.

2. Data Visualisation

Gain valuable insights into your business with dynamic data visualisation tools. Business Central’s built-in reporting and analytics features enable you to visualise key performance metrics, identify trends, and make informed decisions faster than ever before. For advanced analytics you can integrate seamlessly with Power BI.

3. Automate Processes

Take automation to the next level by automating entire business processes end-to-end. With Business Central’s advanced automation capabilities and Power Automate for workflow automation, you can eliminate manual intervention and reduce errors, resulting in greater efficiency and accuracy across your organisation.

4. Countless Add-ons

Extend the functionality of Business Central with countless add-ons and extensions. Whether you need industry-specific features or custom integrations, there’s a vast ecosystem of add-ons available to tailor Business Central to your unique business needs.

Globally, integrations are the #3 most important factor for buyers. Trust is the #1 factor and sales flexibility is #2. – Gartner 2023 Global Software Buying Trends.

5. Utilise Role Centres: Empower your users with personalised Role Centres that provide quick access to relevant information and tasks. By customising Role Centres to match specific job roles and responsibilities, you can improve user adoption and productivity across your organisation.

6. Implement Reporting

Harness the full potential of Business Central’s reporting capabilities to gain actionable insights into your business performance. Whether you need standard financial reports or custom analytics dashboards, Business Central makes it easy to create, customise, and share reports with key stakeholders.

7. Grow Your Business

Scale your business with confidence using Business Central’s flexible and scalable platform. Whether you’re expanding into new markets, adding new products or services, or acquiring new businesses, Business Central provides the agility and scalability you need to support growth and drive success.

8. Utilise Customer Data

Unlock the power of customer data to drive personalised experiences and foster customer loyalty. With Business Central’s integrated CRM functionality, you can track customer interactions, analyse buying behaviour, and deliver targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with your audience.

9. Leverage SCM

Optimise your supply chain management processes with Business Central’s comprehensive SCM capabilities.

A whopping 79% of surveyed companies say that using supply chain optimisation techniques improves revenue significantly.

From procurement and inventory management to demand forecasting and supplier collaboration, Business Central helps you streamline your supply chain and reduce costs while improving service levels.

10. Make Use of Cloud

Embrace the agility and scalability of the cloud with Business Central. According to a study by IDC, businesses that adopt cloud technologies like Business Central experience 53% faster revenue growth compared to their peers. By moving to the cloud, you can reduce IT overhead, improve accessibility, and ensure continuous innovation with automatic updates and new features delivered seamlessly by Microsoft.

Working with an Experienced Partner makes all the difference

An experienced partner can provide expert guidance, implementation support, and ongoing training to ensure you get the most out of Business Central and achieve your business goals.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Get in touch today to start your Business Central journey!