5 Reasons you need an IT Provider for Business Growth

Published: 24th March 2022

The positive impact from having a Managed Service Provider can vary from business to business. Finding the right IT provider for business growth can transform your business. Fast, reliable IT support can improve productivity, streamline revenue, and reduce costs.

Cost Effectiveness

The main benefit of using a dedicated IT company is the cost. You’ll receive the most out of the resources you have. An IT provider will streamline your operations and reduce any unnecessary expenditures. You’ll also have the unlimited ability to scale. Your IT provider will be able predict what your business needs and provide the best solution through your stages of business growth.

Using a Managed Service Provide can also be an instant way of cutting down on costs when compared to the price of having in-house IT staff. Your IT department will be able to focus on their own innovation and growth, leaving the routine upgraded and security checks to your MSP.

Enhanced Security

Business security is one of the most important areas a business should be on top of. Especially when dealing with client’s and customers personal details. Without the correct tools, threats and breaches can go unmissed. Using a managed service provider means they will stay on top of the best practices and have the updated tools, so you don’t have to.

Norco, a designer and manufacturing of composite products, used Enhanced as their IT provider, with the aim to rebuild their security. By using an outsourced Managed Service Provider, they have been able to upgrade their security and in turn, secure several UK Tier One defence contracts. Watch below to find out more on the benefits of having an IT partner that knows your business.

Robust Infrastructure

Your infrastructure will require several processes and injection of funds to continually run smoothly. By sharing the network management responsibility with your IT partner, it ensures your infrastructure stays in a robust state. Your partner will be able to monitor your systems to ensure everything is functioning at its optimal level.

“The main benefit of working with Enhanced is the assurity of compliance of the system. We have a very robust security and IT system now; something that we can be proud of.”

Disaster Management

Any infrastructure disaster can lead to downtime, causing revenue loss and can even lead to data loss. Your IT provider will implement a data recovery process, which can include daily backups. Ideally, they would move your infrastructure to the cloud which can prevent further downtime from hardware failure risks. Having an IT partner that knows your system can be extremely beneficial when it comes to monitoring your systems and data recovery.

24/7 Management

Your IT provider can provide you with round the clock monitoring to ensure your data stays secure. This can include patches and audits, all completed while your staff are away from their desk. On top of this, you can rest assured that your infrastructure is being monitored against cyber threats at any given time.

Why use Enhanced as your IT provider for Business Growth?

Enhanced work as your IT partner and tailor each approach to meet your business needs. Our experienced support team can advice on the on a comprehensive package that uses the latest technology, ensuring an infrastructure that works for your business growth.

Speak to a member of our team today to find out how we can make IT easy for your company whilst accounting for your business growth.
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