Are passwords a thing of the past?

Published: 13th February 2020

Let’s face it Passwords are weak! They’re used and reused again and again by employees and are sometimes very easy to guess.

Passwords can be stolen through Buying Lists, Phishing, Keystroke Logging, Password Spray methods and Brute Force attacks.

We all know this is the case, but many companies continue to trust in their employees or IT departments to ensure their passwords are kept safe!

How do we secure our data and access to systems without passwords?

Options for going ‘Passwordless’ include Biometric solutions, Hardware and Software Token based, Phone-as a-token and Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Universal Authentication Framework (UAF)

By 2022, Gartner predicts 90 percent of small and mid-size businesses, will implement passwordless methods in more than 50 percent of use cases*Gartner

An obvious and inherent result of going “Passwordless” is improved security with fewer breaches, there are of course many other benefits, including:

•  No more weak passwords to break
•  No need to store passwords that can be hacked by the methods we’ve highlighted
•  Reduction in password related IT support costs
•  User convenience and improved UX

So, are Passwords a thing of the past?


Microsoft have embraced ‘Passwordless’ with Windows 10 and the Azure AD platform, enabled for a multitude of solutions. These include: Windows Hello for Business, Microsoft Authenticator App and FIDO2 Security Keys such as Yubikey.

It’s time to ditch the passwords and move to a simpler more secure solution.

Speak to our experts to find out how your organisation can say goodbye to passwords for good.