Are you sharing information in real time?

Published: 28th October 2019

Jeff Jones, Enhanced’s Infrastructure Business Development Manager explains how businesses can use Office 365 to better effect.

Within the IT sector there is currently a digital revolution taking place which is being driven by the expectations of the latest generation of users.

Industries of all shapes and sizes, including charities, no longer wish to purchase on premise hardware and software solutions or pay for these solutions upfront. Many are moving to an operational expenditure model for their IT.

The ability to run applications from central data centres in the cloud has kick started the next IT evolution, “Digital Transformation solutions”.

At the forefront of these solutions is a suite of products that make up Microsoft’s Modern Office Workplace. The first adoption of these was Office 365 which enabled access to Microsoft’s Office suite as a service. But within Office 365 the real game changer was Microsoft Teams. Teams is a digital hub that brings conversations, content, and applications together all in one place.

Teams enables companies to collaborate and be more productive. Microsoft’s Office Suite and OneDrive cloud storage integration enables you to have emails, shared calendars, instant Messaging, chat, online meetings, voice & video calls and collaborative editing of shared content, in real time, all in one place.

Employees are now able to work on projects together, with each user’s changes reflected instantly. You are now able to exchange information like never before in ways that were just not possible a few years ago.

Teams is also available as a mobile application so mobile users can share live video, photos and screen captures whilst on the move.

A Team site is easy to setup and share with colleagues and other contacts. All this comes as a subscription cloud service which is protected by the latest compliance requirements and security standards.

Enhanced are specialists in helping businesses adopt Microsoft Cloud and digital transformation solutions. To find out more and make sure your business is collaborating efficiently, get in touch.