Fight AI with AI – How can Microsoft 365 users stay protected against AI phishing attacks

Published: 25th November 2020

As a Microsoft Gold Cloud Adoption partner, Enhanced have supported many businesses across the UK. With the implementation of Microsoft Cloud Solutions, our systems utilise Microsoft 365.
The 2020 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of this now mainstream Microsoft suite. But this has also brought a massive increase in phishing attacks as users move from office working to remote working.
This has all occurred as cyber criminals are starting to use AI to infiltrate companies. The AI can steal user access credentials as well as important company and personal data.
Enhanced has seen Microsoft 365 emails become a prime target for cyber criminals to attack. They now use sophisticated phishing attacks, business email compromise and data leakage to carry out the offence.
So, to build on and enhance the protections that Microsoft 365 offers, Enhanced have partnered with Darktrace. The industry-leading suppliers of AI-driven anti threat solutions have delivered Darktrace Antigena Email. This is their latest product for Microsoft 365.

Darktrace Antigena Email

This is the world’s first Cyber AI email security solution. The AI learns the normal ‘pattern of life’ for every user within Microsoft365. The technology then builds an evolving understanding of the human behind email communications.
Just as cyber criminals are using AI, the Darktrace solution is powered by AI. Darktrace builds a constantly-evolving sense of ‘self’ for your Microsoft365 email system. This protects your workforce from the full range of phishing attacks and email threats – before the email is even delivered.
These include:
  • Advanced Spear Phishing – Designed to deceive employees into clicking malicious links or attachments inside an email with the aim to harvest credentials or deploy malware
  • Supply Chain Attack – Hijacking of an account of a trusted contact to gain the trust of that contact with the aim of getting them to click a malicious link. Often used to wire money out of the business
  • Spoofing and Solicitation – Impersonation to prompt a reply with the aim of gathering information or to solicit a fraudulent payment
  • Employee Account Takeover – Compromising an email account with a fake login page, recorded keystrokes and data leakage. Often used to launch a string of malicious emails from a user’s account
Antigena Email for Microsoft 365 looks at raw emails and account activity data. The AI can learn to detect sophisticated email threats and account takeovers.
Darktrace Antigena Email for Microsoft 365 can easily be trialled and comes with the following benefits:
  • Quick Setup
  • Self-learning technology
  • Uses Microsoft APIs
  • Requires no MX Record changes
  • Executive Email Threat Summary Reports
  • Access to Darktrace Insights and Customer Portal


If your business runs Microsoft 365 email it’s time to protect your data from these sophisticated phishing attacks with AI security.
Interested in finding out how this revolutionary AI technology could work for you and your business? Book your 30 day free trial today. You’ll receive a threat intelligence report, providing insight into what has happened on your network over a 30 day trial period.