How Can Enhanced Help Manage Your Inventory?

Published: 1st March 2022

Enhanced offer a comprehensive & adaptable platform, perfect for SME’s. Due to the flexibility, this ERP is perfect for managing each area of your business from one system.

Within a distribution operation you will typically deal with several obstacles throughout the day when operating via various sales streams. For example an ecommerce store, online marketplaces, telesales and retail store. With a tailored ERP system, your business can strive for growth and improvements to performance with no added hassle.

Easy overview of your stock

With our tools and expertise, we can provide in-depth product information from a centrally managed platform. Giving you the competitive advantage, you’ll have overview of product information across multiple sales streams and procurement.

Each item also contains a range of data containing units of measurement, unit costs, sales prices, and dimensions. With our quick and easy reporting, you can find reports on low stock, item location, and purchase rate.

Watch below where Harts of Stur, one the UK’s largest kitchenware store, talks about how Enhanced gave them back control of their business through inventory management.

Real-time reporting dashboards

Enhanced’s tailored solution is the perfect solution for fast-paced businesses. Your team can now have central visibility so they can maximise every process. Management can easily report and monitor project status and financial position to make informed decisions about projects and procedures. This planning process is time efficient and gives you more time to focus on other areas of the business for potential business growth.

The capability offers several benefits for your business. You can quickly view top selling items and view their stock levels or have visibility on aged inventory to report on low selling stock. From this you can swiftly adjust your price structure, all from your system. You can even easily restock items, just a couple of extra clicks away.

Predict your inventory needs

The Enhanced solution is the perfect tool for showing current reports and item information. But further from this, the system provides predicted results for your stock. Using artificial intelligence, the platform can provide forecasted results on your upcoming needs. For example, our system can show if a particular item will run out of stock soon, all based on your customers recent purchasing behaviours and your existing inventory.

How Enhanced can help

Enhanced will work closely with your business to provide the best Microsoft product for your organisation’s needs. We take pride in being part of our client’s journey and are dedicated to supplying the right solutions backed up by exceptional customer service.

“The main benefit of trading with Enhanced is being able to take back control of the business.”

Contact a member of our team today to find out how we can assist your business. Streamline your departments and increase your business profitability with Enhanced.
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