How to choose the right I.T. partner for your business

Published: 19th July 2022

Choosing to outsource your I.T. can be a cost-effective option for strategic business strategies, ongoing I.T. support and software applications that encourage business efficiency and security. Here are our 3 top tips we recommend to ensure you find a company that fits your business.

Specialist Knowledge

Ensure your providers are specialists in the software your business needs. For example, if your company uses Outlook and Microsoft Word, ensure your provider has an official partnership with Microsoft as they will be able to guarantee quality products and services.

Do they provide a strategic plan?

When upgrading both your IT infrastructure and software solutions, it is important that your new tech company can provide you with a strategic plan to ensure your business is always ahead of its growth, leaving room for development and spotting obstacles that you may not have experienced before.

Do they provide the right support for your business?

Your I.T. partner will provide your employees with I.T. support for a number of tech issues. Make sure to check your service level agreement to ensure everything you need for day-to-day support is included in your contract. You will also need to check the type of support you will receive.

  • Will it include virtual assistance through a support ticket or phone calls?
  • Will you receive on-site support in emergency situations?
  • Are the support team available during your business’s open hours?

How can an I.T. Provider assist your business?

With a focus on end-to-end tech solutions, a new I.T. provider can boost operational efficiency which can lead to further business growth. They will also ensure your infrastructure is stable and secure through ongoing monitoring and analysis.

Enhanced – Microsoft I.T. Systems and Software Services

Depending on your business’s needs, Enhanced can provide your company with a holistic I.T. service, covering your infrastructure’s security and upgrade needs as well as your CRM or ERP solutions. We will find the perfect Microsoft package to ensure your business is ahead of its curve for business growth and efficiency. Find out more today and contact a member of our team for a free solutions analysis.

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