Just how secure is your human firewall?

Published: 22nd February 2019

Give your team the knowledge to make the right choices and don’t punish them for mistakes.

As a conscientious business leader, you have layers of security in place and take Cyber Security seriously. Yet, despite these layers of protection, threats are still let in by users who effectively unlock the door and hold it wide open for attackers.

43% of UK businesses suffered a breach in 2018*.

Humans are still the last line of defence against malicious attacks, however, they are considered the weakest link. An enormous 90% of data breaches seen by Verizon’s data breach investigation team have a phishing or social engineering component to them**. So, how can you arm your workforce to better protect your business?

Your instinct might be to chastise your staff for being so careless but hold fire.

We are all under incredible pressure at work. We are trying to work as quickly and efficiently as possible which is where mistakes can happen. The techniques attackers use can be very convincing and any of us could fall victim.

By educating your workforce you are strengthening your last line of defence – the Human Firewall.

Training is about building confidence and empowering users to make informed decisions. Education is an ongoing process – cyber threats and techniques are evolving every single day. Familiarity and repetition keeps cyber security at the front-of-mind and ensures the right decisions are more likely to be made by your staff. According to RSA Security, “Staff need to be trained every year to maintain a 50% efficiency”.

Year-on-year cyber security is the key technological concern for business leaders. However, many businesses still do not have the layers of security in place that we at Enhanced and the UK Government recommend as a minimum.

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*Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2018
**2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report
Image credit: iStock