Keeping your mobile workforce secure with Windows Virtual Desktop

Published: 6th February 2020

We often have businesses approach us with concerns around an ever-growing mobile workforce and the security challenges this brings.

As a Microsoft Cloud Service Partner, Enhanced can tackle these challenges by deploying Microsoft Cloud solutions that provide employees with the tools to work from anywhere, while ensuring access to core services are secure and data is not at risk.

Well, such solution is Windows Virtual Desktop “WVD”.

Virtual desktops are not new but they have been very expensive to implement robustly due to the need to build out a vast amount of equipment at a core location.

What if that core platform was already built and also managed on your behalf?

This is where Microsoft’s Virtual Desktop WVD is taking the market by storm!

Built on Microsoft’s public cloud platform Azure and fully managed from their data centres Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop is now making virtual desktops a real alternative to a local desktop both inside and outside of the corporate network. Microsoft takes away the headache of gateways and brokers of old and only requires you to define the specification and number of session hosts.

WVD and the Azure eco-system provides extensive security and data protection including conditional access and multi factor authentication amongst other technologies.

Whilst a flexible and resilient infrastructure is important, user experience is critical!

This is where WVD really excels by providing the first virtual desktop service that provides a true Windows 10 experience from a Multi-session environment. WVD was architected from the ground up around user experience. Applications look and feel like they are local and can also be integrated into the task bar.

Much of the user experience has been enhanced by Microsoft’s acquisition of FSLogix and its ability to simplify and enhance non-persistent Windows Sessions has meant that it is a game changer for virtual desktop solutions. This acquisition has allowed key Microsoft Office applications including Outlook, Teams and One Drive to perform as if they were local by injecting user profiles in to a multi session environment.

The great news is that all Microsoft 365 plans give you the necessary Windows and Office licences to run WVD!

An unexpected benefit of WVD has been Microsoft offering free extended security updates for Windows 7 running on WVD. This means that companies can utilise legacy applications while they are transitioned to Windows 10.

WVD will continue to develop and if not already will be the favourite choice for deploying desktops and applications to staff.

Contact Enhanced’s Microsoft Cloud team to find out more about virtual desktops on 01202 308 000.