Microsoft Solutions: Why Change to Office 365?

Published: 16th July 2019

So much more than its core programmes such as Word and Excel, Office 365 also encompasses a cloud service that keeps your business connected, no matter where you are, as well as several additional, highly useful programmes and Microsoft solutions. Our experts at Enhanced have compiled a list of the main benefits your business could take advantage of when it makes the switch to Office 365.

Stay ahead of the game with the latest software

When you make a one-off Office purchase, you’re stuck with that version unless you buy the package again. With an Office 365 for Business subscription however, you’ll have access to all the latest versions of the Office suite with regular (and free) updates, meaning your technology won’t leave your business behind.

Take advantage of the full range of applications available in Microsoft Office 365

Aside from the usual suite of Microsoft solutions, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, depending on your subscription type, Office 365 opens up your world to a whole host of other useful applications. One of the most valuable is Teams, a one-stop-shop for all your communication needs, from hosting videos and web conferences to sharing files and work.

Securely access your files on the go

As Office 365 is cloud based, you are able to access all your programmes and files from anywhere that has an internet connection. What’s more, you are able to download and edit files from anywhere too thanks to 365’s cloud storage solution, OneDrive. This unprecedented access to your work is a great advantage for staff who work from home, satellite staff and those who often need to travel. Don’t worry about your security, Office 365 includes a variety of security measures to keep your files and data safe and secure.

Continue working even when offline

Though Office 365 is a mainly web-based service, your subscription (with the exception of the essential package) will also come with desktop versions of Office. This enables you to keep working even when your access to the internet is limited or non-existent.

Streamline your subscriptions and improve productivity

Office 365 combines many different Microsoft solutions, work processing, email, spreadsheets etc, into one, easy to manage package. This not only reduces the amount of admin needed to manage such services but, as everything you need is in one place, it streamlines how you and your employees work to help boost productivity.

Take your pick of packages

As a subscription service, Office 365 lets you choose the right level plan to suit the individual requirements of your business and budget. You also eliminate the need to pay for one-off licenses, reducing your upfront cost.

To discuss how your business can benefit by making the switch to Office 365 and utilising the available Microsoft solutions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling our experienced team here at Enhanced, an award-winning business technology solution provider. Simply call us on 01202 308000 and we will be happy to help.