Navigating your I.T. in 2023 for accelerated growth

Published: 11th January 2023

The new year is always a good time to take a step back and look at your business goals for the next year and ensure they line up with your long-term business plan. Your tech plays an important role in your day-to-day at work and is always a great place to start when looking at how you could accelerate growth for 2023.

Efficient use of Microsoft Office 365

Many companies use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint everyday without realising how connecting these apps with Microsoft Teams as well as Outlook can boost productivity by allowing you to stay connected within your teams.

Create shared documents so you can collaborate and create in real time, bringing business ideas and projects to life. Microsoft Teams can then bring everything together, giving your business the capabilities to connect in one place to chat, call and collaborate.

Microsoft Office 365 accelerates business growth through:

  • Negating the use of physically sharing documents & spreadsheets, reducing inaccuracy through human errors.
  • Connecting everyday apps together with a full overview in one place to become the best collaboration tool to boost productivity.

Switching to the Cloud

Using the cloud gives you the capabilities to scale as your business needs, allowing you to start small and obtain more space as and when you need it. This removes the need to purchase an onsite I.T. system which is a substantial investment that can take months for planning the specification.

Ensure your businesses data is always kept up to date and remove duplication from sharing or printing documents and spreadsheets. By using the cloud, you can keep all documents in a central point that can accessed by certain departments, leaving you with full control of who can access the data whilst removing the need to email or print documents which can leave you venerable for errors.

Switching to the cloud can accelerate business growth through:

  • Scaling alongside your business and removing the costs of an on-premises I.T. system.
  • Easy document collaboration, ensuring data is always kept up to date.

Virtual I.T. Director

Investing in a Virtual I.T. Director gives your business an opportunity to develop a strategic plan that will compliment your business requirements and create objectives for your upcoming growth plans for 2023. A virtual I.T. Director can advise on the the latest technology, ensuring you’re getting the most out of your I.T. for efficient business growth.

It is essential that your business has a disaster recovery plan in the event of corruption or data loss. This could be from human error or even hardware failure or hacking. A Virtual I.T. Director can offer business continuity planning to ensure there is always a disaster recovery plan in place, enabling your company to keep moving forward.

A Virtual I.T. Director accelerates business growth through:

  • Creating a strategic plan personalised to your business growth goals for 2023.
  • Offering a disaster recovery plan so your business is always protected.

Arena Business Centre have used a Virtual I.T. Director to provide a strategic 5 year plan and ensure their technology thrives through 2023 and boosts their businesses growth by further growing their efficient commercial offerings. Find out more about how Enhanced worked with Arena to achieve their goals by watching the video below.

How can Enhanced help navigate your I.T. for accelerated growth?

Enhanced is a I.T. Support company with over 25 years of industry experience to offer tailored I.T. solutions and implement changes that result in growth for your business.

We work alongside your company or I.T. department to offer a range of solutions and strategic guidance that can prepare your business to grow further whilst improving efficient within the company.

Get started on your business growth today and find out how we can keep your infrastructure ahead of the game with strategic guidance to accelerate your business for 2023. Get in touch below to find out more.

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