Office 365 and Microsoft 365 Adoption – Keeping it Simple

Published: 24th January 2020

As with many providers, the Microsoft Modern Workplace is a key element of our customers ‘Digital Transformation Journey’

Enhanced are often approached by businesses that have already implemented Office 365 or Microsoft 365 but the value that they thought they would realise has not been achieved.

One major reason for this is users have never been shown how to fully utilise the tools that are available to them and more importantly, which areas are most relevant to their job roles.

Businesses are more aware of the benefits Office 365 and Microsoft 365 can deliver, by fully adopting the applications and features in these suites businesses can:

  • Improve efficiencies.
  • Increase productivity
  • Encourage Innovation
  • Reduce costs
  • Enable remote working
  • Address GDPR and data leakage
  • Increase security
  • Enhance collaboration both internally and with partners

This ultimately enables business growth and empowered employees!

We believe that no one method fits all and whilst following adoption models such as ADKAR play their part, technology adoption should be a personal and hands on process.

In many cases Microsoft partners rely solely on the deployment of WIKI sites and or user portals but on their own these aren’t effective. Users often do not even participate in their usage as day to day activities are seen as more important.

In order to effectively adopt new technologies such as Office 365 and Microsoft 365, it’s crucial to include all areas of the business, it shouldn’t be left to IT Departments alone to make decisions.

Enhanced run a number of customer workshops to ensure the adoption process is understood and goals are set for all levels of the business. From our experience, we’ve found the adoption process is always most successful when it’s tailored  not only for the customer but for each department.

We encourage our customers to nominate technology champions who can make adoption faster, more inclusive and continue to make a difference.

Once you have started the adoption journey, how do you track the uptake of this technology in your business?

Well, tracking of adoption is easy to do, we can identify trends using built in Microsoft Analytics tools, but these must be backed up by real world analysis to determine if users are making effective use of the applications.

User feedback has to be encouraged so that we can ensure that the tools and processes continue to develop. Enhanced’s dedicated Customer Experience Manager, works with each of our customers to ensure that the adoption process is meeting and exceeding their expectations moving forward.

Remember this is a digital transformation journey not a final destination!