Working from home. How Enhanced can help make it safe, secure and possible.

Published: 9th November 2020

With over 25 years of experience in IT and a culture of providing the highest levels of customer service, Enhanced are here to help you during these unprecedented times.

Covid-19 has accelerated many companies Digital Transformation journeys, and one area of this has been the immediate need for many employees to work remotely from home.

2020 has seen many businesses implement remote working fast, but not always with security in mind. This inevitably has led to a massive increase in cyber-attacks and criminals stealing company data and credentials far easier than previously.

Enhanced have seen the emergence of what is called “Shadow IT”, which refers to new systems being deployed that have not been authorised by the IT department. This is where individual users or departments have tried to work around the shortcomings of the central systems.

Enhanced has ensured that their customers have taken a considered approach to security for remote users.

The Microsoft 365 suite has enabled users to take advantage of Microsoft Teams to share and collaborate on work as if they were in the office, but with all the security features that are included such as Data Leakage Prevention DLP, Passwordless access, Multi Factor Authentication and even built in AI that can learn to prevent even unknown malware threats.

As a company Enhanced don’t just provide Microsoft as a solution, because when it comes to security this could be a very blinkered approach. Therefore, they partner with other vendors as well, such as Darktrace. Darktrace are the leading antimalware organisation and have a unique AI engine regarded as the best in the market.

Remote working is here to stay, as is the need to protect users and companies from malicious activity.