Supporting Business Growth with flexible Remote Security

Published: 14th September 2023

Most businesses are already equipped with some method of working from home by now, but technology has accelerated at such a speed since the pandemic days. With only 30% of UK companies working fully on-site today, compared with 57% before the pandemic*, the need for secure, reliable access to the work environment has increased. Many businesses are looking at more flexible and scalable options to support their growth. 

What is Azure Virtual Desktop?

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is a desktop and app virtualisation service that runs in the cloud through instanced virtual machines. It’s an ideal solution for businesses running software which requires a server, you can have multiple virtual machines equipped with different software, for different departments. With Azure virtual desktop, the need for your physical servers will be a thing of the past.

What are the benefits? 


Using AVD is more secure and accessible, while also ensuring data remains within your environment. With a vast range of security functions, you can: 

  • Centralise the management of data securely within Azure 
  • Restrict access to certain areas on certain devices (i.e work devices only) leveraging conditional access policies and Azure Virtual Networks 
  • AVD and Azure adhere to ISO27001, HIPAA and other common security standards 
  • Central management of applications, updates and patches for simplified management.


Whether you’re logging on with your laptop, tablet or phone, the view remains the same across all devices, helping you get straight to work with no clunky layouts or rendering issues. 

Reduced costs  

You can reduce your operation costs significantly by moving to AVD, you remove the need for physical servers and the maintenance, licensing and electrical costs that comes with it. With AVD you can save costs by shutting down virtual servers between specified hours, or even just keep one running while the others are powered down until the morning.  

Microsoft Teams - What's new


With the increase in remote working, some staff only work in the office a handful of times a year. By using AVD, it’s easy to manage and maintain their accessibility entirely remotely. With Elastic scaling, you can scale the desktop infrastructure up or down based on your organisational needs. You can also expand into different geolocations to allow you to operate out of multiple national or global locations. 

So, if you’re looking for a simpler, more secure remote working solution that integrates with all your existing Microsoft solutions, get in touch on