The benefits of moving to the Cloud for hybrid working

Published: 14th April 2022

Transitioning to a cloud server offers modern business advantages, assisting your business for further efficiency and collaboration. The pandemic has amended the way our day-to-day works in the workplace. Find out more on the benefits of switching to the cloud for cost and security efficiency as well as transition to a hybrid workplace.

Scalable & Cost Effective

By switching to a cloud server, you can ensure your business is ready to scale. You can easily increase server capacity or add new users, giving your business the flexibility to grow. You will not need to commit to long-term server costs and upgrades. Instead, you can make simple adjustments as needed.

Microsoft Azure ensures fast and reliable performance, always offering the latest generation of computer hardware. You will never need routine hardware upgrades like you would with a physical server. Due to Microsoft Azure using a global network of secure data centres, you can assure there will be enough storage and bandwidth for everyone in your company through each stage of business growth.

Security & Recovery

Microsoft’s data centres are monitored 24/7, giving you the surety of 99.99% uptime. With consistent background upgrades alongside Microsoft’s intelligent systems, your cloud server is protected with high-level precautions for security breaches and your data is safeguarded by industry-leading protocols and software.

Microsoft Azure’s cloud server can also give you peace of mind in terms of keeping your data safe. Partnering with Enhanced, we can offer instant server backup and data recovery.

Watch our video with Shentons Solicitors, one of Enhanced long-term clients of 25 years, to find out more about the security benefits they experienced from moving from a physical server to Microsoft Azure.

Access from anywhere

The main benefit of moving your business to a cloud server is the possibility to work anywhere. Using the cloud software, you can access your data in the field, at home, or in the office. This makes the process of hybrid working a simple and easy one. The cloud brings secure, anytime working so employees can access their files on any device from anywhere they need.

Alongside working in a hybrid format, employees can still collaborate efficiently, supported by a single platform with access to all the business apps they need. Accessing real-time data and collaboratively working on data allows your business to respond to client and customer needs efficiently and responsively.

How Enhanced can transform your infrastructure to the cloud for hybrid working

Enhanced can implement a switch to the cloud, connecting Microsoft applications to allow for further business growth and efficiency. Allow your business to flow with the needs of your employees and upgrade your systems for a scalable and secure solution.

“Enhanced helped us move more towards laptops so that we can all take them away and work from home when we need to. Enhanced were amazing. They acted really quickly and they’ve enabled us now to carry on and move into the new technology and work flexibly now which is going to be the legacy of the pandemic.”

Find out more on how Enhanced can transform your company and support business efficiency and collaboration. Speak to a member of our team today for a complimentary needs analysis.

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