Tips for choosing an IT partner

Published: 23rd August 2018

Partnering with an IT support company provides your business with access to highly skilled experts who can develop and support your systems.

The daily interaction with multiple IT estates ensures a wide and deep knowledge which is inherently kept up to date. Typically, your IT partner will monitor your infrastructure, resolve issues and provide guidance on system developments. However, be aware that not all IT support companies are the same.

So, who should you partner with? And, what questions should you ask?

Can you work with them?

  • Are they technically competent? Ask about previous projects they have delivered.
  • Are the team easy to deal with and can they resolve your issues correctly, efficiently and in a swift and friendly manner? Ask about customers satisfaction survey results or ask to speak to one of their customers.
  • Does the company try to understand your needs? This will be apparent during the initial discussions.
  • Are they open and transparent? Again, ask to speak to an existing customer.

Are they what they seem?

  • Can they provide customer testimonials, ideally within your industry and geographic location?
  • Are their customers long-standing?
  • How do they treat their staff? This can indicate how they will interact with your staff.
  • What are the company values? Are they in line with your own?
  • Are they using state of the art monitoring and analytic tools?
  • Are they financially sound?

If you’re looking for a new IT Partner or considering starting a partnership with an IT support company, please don’t hesitate to contact Enhanced on 01202 308000. We are more than happy to answer your questions and help you find the right support service.