What does the future of the office look like after Covid-19?

Published: 18th May 2020

The question a lot of people are asking right now, ‘What does the future of the Office look like after Covid-19?  The Telegraph recently printed an article that posed the question*:

Will companies continue to spend money on office space post Covid19?

Their research clearly highlighted that what they call the ‘Mass Experiment’ of working from home had proved surprisingly easy for many bosses to implement. Businesses were now questioning if a more permanent way of ‘working from home’ was inevitable, and in fact now unstoppable.

The last few months have been unprecedented for UK businesses, yet many types of companies have kept working and many have chosen not to furlough staff. Leaders of these organisations have realised that modern technology really is reliable, safe and secure, and user productivity has been maintained.

The UK media are known for pushing the negative story and whilst they are saying we will never really return to what we called “normal”, they could be right in this case, or at least partially right.

So, does this means that the traditional Office is dead?

I for one hope this is not the case, we all need some human interaction in our jobs and let’s face it, this is what makes work fun isn’t it?

However, companies do need to cut costs and so downsizing offices is now a very attractive way to go.

With modern remote access, IT can easily be supported by an outsourced Service Desk and in fact generally provide a better service than employing this in-house, as SLAs can be more robust, and penalties applied for poor performance.

Many companies have been working from home for some years now, but many had resisted this trend until the last few months. I’m sure many will see this as a positive and it looks like WFH is here to stay.

Enhanced can support you in making the transition to remote working more permanent. This includes helping you better utilise the vast range of applications within Office365 and reporting on remote users’ activities, using the built-in analytics tools.

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