What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and how can it benefit my business?

Published: 21st June 2019

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and more importantly Virtual Desktop Virtualisation is all about moving desktop management from a local environment to a virtualised one. It is an environment wherein desktop operating systems and applications are hosted within a virtual machine running on a centralised server. Desktops are centrally managed for different operations, updates, security, and troubleshooting with an endpoint management software program. Vendors like Citrix, VMware and Inuvika are a few of the major providers supplying desktop platforms and protocols for remote VDI connection and display.

Why choose Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

One of the limiting factors for VDI has been on-premise set up. Meaning, that in order to transition into VDI, businesses were required to purchase server hardware and infrastructure needed to run VDI. Due to Cloud transition, this is no longer the case. Customers can now select a Cloud platform of their choosing (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, etc.) and take the required budget for their number of desktops purchased as a subscription service, and not a capital expenditure.

Do you need VDI?

The introduction of cloud deployed VDI is logical reasoning as to why VDI’s role will continue to grow in 2019, but is VDI something actually required within your business? With Windows 7 imminently going end-of-life – there is actually never a better time to transition to Windows 10 IoT, using VDI. We would definitely recommend the cloud for cost and flexibility of scale options.

Take a step back and honestly ask yourself are lots of hours administering individual desktops and applications being spent? Is your infrastructure starting to fail? Is your hardware failing due to aging? Are you not really ready for that mobility required by your company’s workforce? Or that accessibility of being able to securely access company information and applications worldwide?

The benefits of VDI

Still not convinced of the security, ease-of-management, and energy-savings power that can come with a VDI environment with the right endpoints? Just look at what VDI can do – improve security, lower IT costs, offer your employees flexibility, increase worker productivity. There is very little argument left as to why not to transition or at least explore moving to VDI in 2019!

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