What’s Included In An I.T. Strategy And Why Is It important?

Published: 19th July 2023

I.T. companies regularly talk about the importance of an I.T. strategy for your business but what does this actually entail and why does your company need it?

What is an I.T. strategy?

A comprehensive plan that’s created to understand and outline how your organisation intends to utilise your existing tech and ensure it aligns with your business objectives. The specific components of your I.T. strategy will differ depending on your organisation’s size, industry, and goals.

What is typically included in an I.T. Strategy?

Vision and Objectives

Start by defining the vision and high-level objectives that I.T. aims to achieve. This sets the direction and purpose of I.T. within your organisation.

Current State Assessment

A thorough evaluation of your existing I.T. is conducted to understand the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This assessment helps identify areas that need improvement or require strategic attention.

I.T. Roadmap

Your strategy should include a roadmap that outlines the initiatives, projects, and actions required to bridge the gap between your current and future I.T. The roadmap will provide a timeline and prioritisation of I.T. projects.

I.T. Investments and Budgeting

Address the financial aspects of I.T., including budgeting, and investment priorities. It ensures that all your investments are aligned with business priorities and provides a return on investment.

Security and Risk Management

Part of your strategy will detail a framework for managing I.T. risks and ensuring data security is protected. It defines the policies, procedures, and controls to safeguard the organisation’s data and information.

Why is an I.T. strategy important?

The main objective of an I.T. strategy is to optimise the I.T. that already exists in your business and use this to its fullest potential. This can then ensure your tech is a cut above the rest whilst offering cost savings by optimising the tools already available to you. An example of this is the use of Microsoft Office 365. By working out your day-to-day workflow and which Microsoft tools are a good fit, you can save on 3rd party software and instead optimise software that is already part of your Microsoft subscription.


By identifying areas for improvement, streamlining processes, and leveraging technology solutions, your I.T. strategy can also enhance operational efficiency which in turn will drive cost savings. A well-defined strategy will also optimise resources allowing your business to grow through efficiency.

An I.T. strategy for accelerating business

The elements of your strategy and results may vary depending on your needs. However, it provides a guide for developing an I.T. strategy that aligns your technology with business goals and drives your company to accelerated success.

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