Why are more companies choosing to outsource their I.T?

Published: 22nd August 2022

Running the most up-to-date tech is an ongoing task to ensure efficient I.T. for excelled business growth. Technology is growing day by day, and this is just one of the reasons many businesses turn to outsourced I.T. services. Keeping up with the pace of upgrading I.T. services and software as well as additional I.T. support for your employees can be high in resources and budget, but is it more efficient to keep this in-house or look into outsourcing?

Qualified & Experienced

One of the main benefits of outsourcing your I.T. is the team of qualified experts that look after your I.T, something that can become a huge expense if you look to hire within your company. By outsourcing, you’re utilising a team of technicians who can offer top-level support and guidance.

“Enhanced really complements our internal team. We have a diverse range of sites and equipment at the Beaulieu Estate and its brilliant being able to have that bigger pool of knowledge just a phone call away.”

Simple Scalability

Through access to a range of tech systems & software as well as experience in a range of business sizes, outsourcing your I.T. is the easiest way to ensure your company scales as quickly and smoothly as you need with the capability to scale down if needed.

24/7 Monitoring

Using an outsourced I.T. company means your systems can be monitored 24/7. Any system errors, data breaches or server issues will be resolved quickly without your internal team having to work around the clock.

How to Find Out What Works For Your Company

Whether you choose to outsource all your I.T. or have an external team that works alongside your existing in-house team, choosing to outsource your tech can result in better I.T. solutions and an improved budget. Outsourcing will result in a tailored infrastructure solution that will last throughout your business’s growth as well as virtual and on-site support for any day-to-day issues.

A perfect example of making I.T. work for you. Beaulieu has an internal I.T. team that looks after the day-to-day of their business and outsources to Enhanced to assist with any knowledge gap and strengthen the in-house team by providing a point of escalation. Find out more about how outsourcing I.T can work alongside your business in our latest video.

Why Enhanced?

Enhanced work closely with your business to provide the best guidance for your organisation’s needs, backed by exceptional customer service. From ensuring your technology is kept up to date with the latest security add-ons to creating a strategic 5-year plan to keep your infrastructure ahead of the game, outsourcing your I.T. with Enhanced ensures your business is ready for growth in an efficient, cost-effective way.

Find out more on how Enhanced can transform your company and support business efficiency and growth. Speak to a member of our team today for a complimentary needs analysis.
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