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Barnes International

Barnes International

Barnes International is based in Petersfield, Hampshire and supply smart card testing, analysis tools and consultancy to the banking and access control sectors worldwide. Their products test the chips and magnetic stripes on cards and are made up of both hardware and software.

With over 20 years’ experience they are regarded worldwide, as the industry’s preferred supplier. Their customer base is spread globally with 80% of their business overseas.

The challenge

Barnes International was using Sage Line 50 as their accounts system and found that it was struggling to manage the volume of data held, and as a result was subject to corruptions and slow speeds. The database structure didn’t allow the required analysis to be captured and therefore interrogation was difficult and the information needed to drive the business forward was not available.

  • In order to see the businesses’ position, lengthy extra analysis had to be done in Excel which was time consuming and always out of date.
  • The system didn’t handle multicurrency trading efficiently and the assembly of stock items had to be handled separately in Excel.
  • Barnes needed to implement a system that would handle all elements of their business in one solution.  It needed to allow them to see their exact position at any given time, manage costs effectively and give them access to reporting to make business critical decisions.
  • A secure, stable and importantly, scalable IT platform was critical, to ensure that the business could grow at a steady pace rather than allowing it to outgrow itself periodically.

The solution

We carried out a detailed analysis of the Barnes business to gain a thorough understanding of the needs and requirements of business growth. Enhanced designed and implemented a system based on Access Dimensions to enable them to manage all processes in one system and give them up to date and accurate reporting. Full training was provided to ensure that all users could take advantage of all the 'extras' that the system could deliver.

The results

The system is now able to deliver reports in a timely manner and users have access to live data to be able to make timely and business critical decisions. This security gives Barnes the knowledge that they are in total control of the business and fully aware of any problems well ahead of time.

The benefits

  • Stock control is now managed effectively and assemblies can be done on-site and costed for accurately.
  • Serial numbers can be tracked for each product.
  • The complexities around software licence options and renewals are handled within the system along with the ability to set up invoice schedules for customers who make monthly payments.
  • Multi-currency transactions are greatly simplified and more efficient

“First-rate product, excellent deployment and super support.”

Robert Eaton, Head of Accounts, Barnes International


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