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Pugsley Revill

Pugsley Revill

Pugsley Revill are chartered accountants based in Dorchester and Poole. They specialise in dealing with individuals, small businesses and corporate entities. With over 30 years’ experience they pride themselves on the longevity of their client base and the tailor made services they offer.

The challenge

Pugsley Revill found that they had data corruption in their key business database. They then discovered when they came to restore from backups that these had not been working correctly for a while. This corruption became apparent during their busiest month of January when they were in the process of finalising accounts and tax returns to meet the self-assessment filing deadline. As a result, they lost confidence in their I.T. provider and urgently required a new supplier they could trust and who could fulfil their needs.

The solution

Enhanced undertook a full needs analysis and reviewed their existing situation. They accessed the current systems to see how the corruption had occurred. Once identifying the problem they were able to understand and explain why it had not been backed up correctly. Enhanced liaised with the initial supplier and developed a process for verifying the data and ensured that it was correctly backed up and could be easily restored in the event of a future problem. 

The results

Confidence has been renewed as Enhanced have introduced a more proactive approach to managing their I.T. Pugsley Revill now have a reliable backup solution for their key business application and data. 

The benefits

  • A reliable and robust system
  • Proactive monitoring
  • A reliable cloud based backup solution
  • Trusted I.T partner.


““Technology is an ever developing domain which firms have come to depend upon more and more. IT enables businesses to run on a reliable and cost effective basis and at the same time keep up to date with industry developments. It is only when you have a problem with your IT that you discover the reliance on that support may have been misplaced. It was refreshing to find Enhanced, a company that was not only sympathetic to our problem, but acted quickly to review our systems and suggest improvements to prevent future problems. We were a little wary of relying on mainly online support but, over the past six months, our staff have got to know the support team. Together they have been able to sort all of our day-to-day I.T. issues on a timely basis. Enhanced have reviewed our systems and suggested and implemented changes where necessary and provided guidance for future necessary upgrades of equipment.
In summary our confidence in I.T. support has been restored.””

David Revill, FCA - Partner, Pugsley Revill


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