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iMeta delivers client Onboarding and Entity Data Management technology to some of the largest banks and financial brokers.

Founded in 2000, the iMeta SSI Platform is the market leader in the automation of managing SSI (standing settlement instruction) data, providing a centralised, accurate hub of reference data. iMeta SSI is proven to reduce operational risks, cut costs and improve efficiencies when maintaining SSI Data.

The challenge

With ageing internal I.T equipment, iMeta were experiencing ongoing issues and problems. They needed to renew their existing equipment and bring it up to date. Their current network was far too complex for the size of the business and needed to be streamlined, simplified and be based on the latest technology. They wanted to work with a supplier that they could totally trust and would understand their business needs, a company who had a wide range of cross-platform experiences and expertise. 

The solution

After an in depth discussion and review of their current situation, Enhanced realised that they had to reduce the complexity of the iMeta network. Some of the other key elements that came out of this process were the need for a more robust offsite back up system, existing servers and storage needed to be refreshed, better perimeter security was introduced and improved endpoint security put in place. iMeta now benefit from having Enhanced as a strategic partner, advising them on all aspects of their I.T infrastructure.

The results

As a result of the advice given and work implemented by Enhanced, iMeta now have a far more secure, reliable internal I.T environment. Moving to a WatchGuard next generation firewall has given them a powerful Unified Threat Management solution, superior reporting and visibility of traffic in and out of the network. Less management time is spent on maintaining and administering ageing systems. They have a far more stable and efficient platform with none of the issues previously experienced. In addition, Enhanced have leveraged Microsoft Azure and their IaaS platform to extend the iMeta network into the cloud. iMeta are now seeing the benefits of hybrid cloud computing. 

The benefits

  • Strategic forward thinking partner
  • Virtualised 95% of the environment
  • Reduced network administration time
  • A network that is easy to manage but flexible
  • Improved security
  • Extension of the on premise environment into the cloud
  • Proactive Monitoring


““I have been truly delighted with the service that we have receive from Enhanced since partnering with them in 2011. Their technical team is very highly skilled and has the benefit of experience that it would be very difficult for a small company like iMeta to gain in-house. They have really taken the time to understand iMeta, allowing them to make informed recommendations and to take appropriate steps to ensure that we have a trouble free IT environment. I feel very happy in the knowledge that I have Enhanced on hand when I need them.””

James Watson, Support Manager, iMeta

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