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Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond is a chain of garden centres which can be located all over the country from Manchester to Jersey. The Guernsey based company has around 1,000 members of staff on their payroll and also run a number of restaurants – located in the garden centres.

The challenge

Enhanced were tasked with making the data entry faster for Payroll, as at the time it was taking three people two weeks to enter the employee hours.

The solution

Using the Opera Importer module Enhanced managed to create an import template which allows Blue Diamond to populate a spreadsheet which can then be imported. This process can be used in the 13 garden centres located in mainland England.

The results

The previous system used by Blue Diamond was taking up too much of their employees’ time. By creating the import template and taking out the element of manual input Enhanced were able to successfully cut down the amount of time needed to import the company’s employee hours.

The benefits

  • Decreased the amount of time taken to import employee hours
  • By eliminating any manual input, Enhanced saw that there is no chance of any human error, making the spreadsheets more reliable.

“We have been working with Enhanced for nearly 15 years and have been increasingly impressed with their outstanding customer service and total commitment to our needs.”

Lucy Le Maitre, Human Resource Manager, Blue Diamond


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